Cell Phone

We’ll help you find the plan that makes the most sense for you. That might mean a new plan with your existing provider, or it might mean switching providers.

We’ll survey the market and find the right fit for you


Cable, Fibe, Streaming Services like Netflix, Over The Air Antennas – it can be pretty confusing.  Your media consumption is unique to you.

We’ll help you sort it all out, and possibly introduce you to some new options that weren’t even on your radar.

Home Phone

Still got one? That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  If you’ve got the right service provider, a home phone can reduce your cell plan substantially.

We’d love to show you how.


Internet access throughout your home should be a utility like electricity or the municipal water supply – stuff you don’t even think about.  Common complaints are spotty or sluggish WiFi, and bandwidth overages.

Let us help you sort out the options.

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